Rules and Regulations of Conduct


Policy 1: Formation of Committees

The Board of Directors of Iranian Community of Manitoba is responsible for the approval of the formation of any committees. Any individuals or groups requesting a cultural, educational, recreational or any other forms of committees to be formed, must submit a written request to ICM Board of Directors for review and approval. The Board reserves the right to reject any such proposal, but must do so in a written response detailing the reasons for rejection. All committees, which are approved to form by the Board, must function within the guidelines of the constitution and by-laws of ICM. The Board has the authority to approve the number of individuals to serve on a committee. All the individuals, whom serve on any committee, have to be a member of Iranian Community of Manitoba and in good standing as per specifics outlined in Policy B. The Chair of all the committees has to be an ICM executive board member, who will report to the Board of all the committee’s activities on an ongoing basis, and will have the authority to introduce motions requested by the committee members, in order to be approved by the ICM Board. Any objections or appeals made by individuals or groups to the decisions or operations of a committee must be submitted in writing to ICM Board, for review and resolution. The Board will subsequently report on its decision in writing, and this decision shall be binding. The committee members have no authority to remove any of the committee members, without the approval of the ICM Board. The Board has the authority to remove any committee members for the violation of conduct as outlined in the constitution and by-laws of ICM, or the violation of any of the guidelines set by the committees that have been approved by ICM.

Policy 2: Fees and Liabilities for Use of Services Offered by ICM

All the financial fees set by the committees, formed for the purpose of providing any services to members and non-members, have to be approved by the Board of Directors of the Iranian community of Manitoba. These fees shall be payable at such time as determined by the Board, and all registrations and use of services are not final until all the fees are paid to ICM. If any member or non-member fails to pay fees for services, such as Persian language classes, or any services offered by any committees formed in the future, within thirty days of a stipulated due date set by the committee subject to the Board’s approval, the Board shall declare such a member not to be in good standing. ICM reserves the right to cease any and/or all the services provided to an individual or individuals. Moreover, any individuals, using a cheque for method of payment for any of the services provided by ICM, whose cheques are returned as non-sufficient funds by financial institutions for two consecutive times, shall be declared not to be in good standing by the Board. In this case, the Board reserves the right to ask for cash payments, and a declaration of good standing and reinstatement of services to such members or non-members may be given by the Board upon payment of all the fees, including all charges by financial institutions. Moreover, all the services provided by ICM either directly through the Board or the committees formed, including educational, sports and recreational programs, are offered to both members and non-members, with the higher fees for non-members to be set at the discretion of the Board. The refund process for any programs offered by ICM shall be determined by the appropriate committees in charge, subject to the approval of ICM executive board and this information will be available at the time of registrations. Furthermore, ICM is not liable for any personal injury or financial loss incurred to any individuals as a result of participating in any of the activities or programs offered.

Policy 3: Lease of Facilities by ICM

The Iranian Community of Manitoba may lease recreational facilities or banquet halls for hosting celebrations or other events for its members and non-members. All individuals attending these events are responsible for the cost of repair of all the damages to the premises arising from their actions in the duration of the event. Any penalty or charges imposed by the lessor for any violation by ICM members or non-members is payable by the individuals at fault and ICM does not accept any responsibility for any loss, cost, or expense arising out of the negligence of individuals attending. In addition, ICM is not liable for any personal injuries of individuals and will not compensate any loss incurred to individuals as a result of personal injury in any of the events hosted. Failure to pay all the fines imposed to the individuals at fault, will result in the loss of membership from ICM, subject to the decision of ICM board members, and ICM reserves the right to take legal action in this case.

Policy 4:

All working documents and internal discussions of the Board and Sub committees to remain internal until finalized and become available to public.

Policy 5:

All the subcommittees to be chaired by and appointed member of Board of Directors.

Policy 6:

When calling for volunteers participation in subcommittees, a deadline and maximum number of volunteers must be specified.

Policy 7:

All advertisements on ICM site should be approved by the BOD and after full payment will be sent to the ICM site Coordinator for posting.